A Firewall for the
Secondary Market.

Tomax is a secure firewall between OEMs and the Secondary Market.

We operate deftly between the two to pave the way for a seamless movement of surplus IT, creating profit for vendors without disrupting the market.

Maximum value, minimum waste.

We create value from vendors’ surplus IT assets, increasing revenue while removing waste from their supply chains. We quickly identify the appropriate market for surplus technology to recover the value of vendors’ stock inventory and ensure IT stays in use for longer - better for profit and planet.

Strategic partnerships.

We have partnerships with accredited resellers who have the expertise to appropriately navigate the complex Secondary Market. Our dedicated team operates globally, collaborating across territories to accurately monitor and respond to market dynamics.

Sustainable IT, sustainable markets.

We maintain manufacturers’ brand equity and protect primary revenue streams by consciously refraining from disrupting the markets they serve. We work closely with vendors to align with their objectives and provide advisory services to pre-empt their challenges on a complex and competitive marketplace.

Good for the planet – and your bottom line.

Integrating surplus technology into supply chains doesn’t just offer financial benefits to companies; it also measurably reduces their carbon footprint. Businesses facing Scope 3 reporting requirements are increasingly choosing OEM approved surplus IT over new. We are ideally positioned to help vendors maximize this opportunity.

Over 10 years with Cisco.

As Cisco’s longest standing and largest Excess customer, with access to their Excess inventory, we guarantee our customers the most reliable source of Cisco on the Secondary Market, with great terms, pricing, and support.

Cisco Excess aligns with the Circular Economy by optimizing the value of its existing technology portfolio and keeping IT in use for longer. We have partnered with Cisco for over 10 years and we know how to recover maximum value from surplus IT.

Redefining IT consumption with Circularity First.

We are experts in finding bespoke solutions for our OEM partners, bridging the complexities of the Secondary Market and recovering the best value on surplus inventories.

99% of the products Circularity First distribute are sourced from remanufactured, refurbished, and redeployed authorized programs. We’ve kept over 940,000 kg of ICT equipment in use for longer. We’re on track for 1m kg by the end of 2023.

As a group of businesses focused on Sustainable IT, we follow the 8R circular economy model to fulfill every stage of a circular supply chain.

Tomax meets the model’s minimal waste objective.

by recognizing, recovering, and redistributing the value of high-quality surplus equipment in the Secondary Market.
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Tomax Technology Ltd. Registered in England and Wales. Company number 07981079

Part of the Circularity First Group Ltd. Registered in England and Wales. Company number 13070956. Registered office: Circularity First Group Ltd, Ground Floor, Egerton House, 68 Baker Street, Weybridge, Surrey, United Kingdom, KT13 8AL
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