Cisco Excess

Occasionally Cisco has surplus products. As part of their Circular Economy initiatives, Cisco releases these products to the secondary market through a select group of Excess Refurbished partners, which Tomax is one of.

Cisco Excess and Tomax

Tomax have been working with Cisco to bring their Excess products to the secondary market since the program’s inception. Bridging the gap between Cisco and brokers and partners who operate in the secondary market, we have unique insight into what products are currently in Excess and what is in demand within the market. 

This means we can help our partners to source the hardware they need at a competitive price point.

Benefits of buying Cisco Excess

We help OEMs navigate the complexities of the Secondary Market by utilizing their excess assets, recovering maximum value and reducing waste from their supply chain.

Vendors can rest assured we provide an equally exceptional service downstream, crucially promoting brand loyalty. Our customers enjoy:

Unmatched Value.

Lower cost against retail

Reduced Lead Times.

In stock Excess products are available to purchase, meaning there is no long lead times


Eligible for Smart Net Total Care (must be purchased through a Cisco Authorised Partner)

Quality Assured.

Cisco Excess purchased through Tomax is quality checked to ensure they come with all the accessories that you need.

Cisco Excess - whats in the box?

Cisco Excess products come in the same box with the same accessories. We give all Excess product we secure a check over, ensuring everything is in the box as it should be.
Interest? Speak to a member of our Cisco team today.
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