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Tomax specialize in the design and supply of networking technology solutions to and from the Secondary Market. We maximize the lifecycle of excess stock, through accredited resellers, to maximize profit while keeping IT sustainable.
As the world’s largest supplier of Cisco Excess, Tomax has a robust heritage in buying and selling OEM approved surplus IT. With sound industry partnerships and global visibility on the Secondary Market, we are skilled in recovering maximum value from surplus inventories.
We know this market like the back of our hand. Our proactive approach to monitoring it means we are uniquely primed to anticipate demand on networking hardware and respond fast, beating traditional lead times on an increasingly volatile global market.

Planet. Profit.

We are continuously building resources, tips, and collaborative strategies that empower businesses to be actively more sustainable in their use of IT. If you’d like more information on IT sustainability, or you have an idea to share with us…

Choose an IT partner who values your products as highly as you do.

As a business who understands the importance of sustainable growth and brand loyalty, our ambitions naturally align with the vendor manufacturers we work with.

With multi-channel market insights and a balanced approach to selling, we convert surplus stock into profit, without disrupting the market.

Need an experienced buyback partner, trusted by the world leader in networking?

You need Tomax. Partnering with us means tapping into our strategic insights and continuous presence on the global Secondary Market. Because we know what businesses are looking for, we will quickly identify the appropriate market for your used IT.

Benefits of being more sustainable.

The Circular Economy can address 55% of global GHG emissions by reusing resources we already have.

A new network switch contains nearly one tonne of embodied carbon before it is even turned on.

The manufacturing stage of building networking equipment accounts for most of its carbon footprint - utilizing surplus products reduces the need for manufacturing new, without compromising on technical solutions or performance.

We’re using more resources per year than the world can produce. It’s time to think smarter about how we use technology.


ICT emissions are currently 4% of global emissions, which is double that of aviation and is set to increase to 14% by 2040.


Carbon Savings

Our Tear Down shows that a typical office of 200 people might stay connected by using:

6 x Typical Network Switches
0.83tCO2e can be saved by using remanufactured technology instead of new.
59% saving
3 x Typical Routers
0.18tCO2e is saved by using remanufactured technology instead of new.
58% saving
20 x Typical Wireless Access Points
0.28tCO2e is saved by using remanufactured technology instead of new.
31% saving
200 x Typical IP Phones
3.72tCO2e is saved by using remanufactured technology instead of new.
59% saving
The embodied carbon in all this new technology is 10.81 tCO2e

If this office chose remanufactured over new, the embodied carbon would be 4.75tCO2e

In this case, using technology for longer saves 6 tonnes of CO2e - 56% less than is produced when opting for new

Building new IT means pulling finite resources out of the ground. We can avoid this by reusing equipment that has already been made. Blending reused technology into your supply chain reduces manufacturing, eWaste, and your business’s impact on the planet.
*The remanufactured product has been returned to the original vendor for remanufacturing eg replacing any faulty parts and recertified by the vendor with the same warranty and support as new.

IT already accounts for 4% of global emissions - that’s twice as much as aviation - and it’s predicted to accelerate faster than any other emission stream. Using remanufactured technology is 90% less carbon intensive than new

~ Anthony Levy, Founder Circularity First

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