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About us


Tomax Technology was founded, specializing in reselling telecommunication products


Cisco approached Tomax to be the first to sell the Cisco Excess product portfolio in Europe


Technical Operations facilities open, focusing on testing, customer support and repairs


Tomax Technology opened a new 10,000 sq ft. office and warehouse facility in Byfleet, just 1 hour from Central London


Tomax USA opens in Roseville California


Sales branch opens in Minneapolis

the game

Let's play

To be on top in any game we play, we need to hone our skills and pick our battles to ensure we are the very best in the field

As an IT re-seller, buying and holding what the market needs is a tough game which exposes risk. Wanting to get the best deal we may end up holding equipment in stock that doesn’t sell and eventually being written off or sold at a loss.

Why expose ourselves at risk when we can work smarter?

Why invest in stock-holdings, when our equity can be spent on building and growing our actual outreach to the market?

Tomax Technology has a solution

With Tomax Technology, you can sell other peoples stock. Our stock!

Using your equity and brainpower in building relationships. Utilising all of your organisations skills, building a huge outreach towards your market and all without worrying about write offs, returns, cash flow and salespeople selling what your competition has in stock

the play

We are all winners

the stock

not sticks

100% Cisco excess equipment – from Cisco. Backed by documentation from… Cisco!

100% legitimate kit for whatever region in which you operate

100% smartnet eligible  and clean serial numbers

Accessories in the box to install onsite

We choose what to buy (not told to) so our stock is always relevant today

Focus on your no. 1 skillset; getting it sold. We cover the rest

Treat our rolling Cisco excess stockholding of USD. 500k-750k as it it’s your own

Live data feed with market relevant PID’s and matching, competitive pricing following the downtrend in the price development from Cisco.

Direct shipments to your customers, with your packing slip

Fully automated RMA procedure (which is gathering dust due to such tiny failure rates)

Price developments from Cisco to catch opportunities in the market

100% commitment and focus in driving your success forward

the payoff

feel good

Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth

Tomax Power

On top of the game | Moving significant volumes of Cisco’s excess equipment comes with an in-depth and ongoing market research as to what the market needs and will need tomorrow. This means our stock is ALWAYS 100% relevant for the fast moving IT market

Tomax Technology is the only company in the world that ONLY does Cisco Excess with Cisco

So if anyone knows whats going on in the world of Cisco – its us! 

And of course you when you partner with us


Tomax Technology is by far the Global No 1 partner with Cisco in their Excess programme


We have facilities in the UK and the US having a global reach for your customers

24 7

Cisco Excess is everything we do 24/7 and have been for 10 years straight, as long as Cisco’s “official” refurbished product offering has existed

Ready for the ride ?

By signing a contract with us you get our full commitment from our awesome team, growing your business 24/7. Allowing us access to information on searched PiD’s and trends within your database allows us to optimise your sales by matching price, availability, special deals and stocking. This enables us to sell what you may have missed and to maximise on opportunities you may not have seen

Contact us and let’s start our journey together

Your carriage awaits

For the ride of a lifetime

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