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Tomax Power

On top of the game | Moving significant volumes of Cisco’s excess equipment comes with an in-depth and ongoing market research as to what the market needs and will need tomorrow. This means our stock is ALWAYS 100% relevant for the fast moving IT market

Tomax Technology is the only company in the world that ONLY does Cisco Excess with Cisco

So if anyone knows whats going on in the world of Cisco – its us! 

And of course you when you partner with us


Tomax Technology is by far the Global No 1 partner with Cisco in their Excess programme


We have facilities in the UK and the US having a global reach for your customers

24 7

Cisco Excess is everything we do 24/7 and have been for 10 years straight, as long as Cisco’s “official” refurbished product offering has existed

Space is the boundless three-dimensional extent in which objects and events have relative position and direction.

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” Helene is always taking care! A pleasure to do business with :) “