Meet the team

Put a face to the name

Anthony Levy

He started it.... blame him

Chief Executive Officer

Paul Fenton

How d'ya like these apples

Senior Account Manager

Ash Bragg

can he fix it ? yes he can

Warehouse Supervisor UK

Andy Harrison

Where's Wookie

Interim Financial Controller

Jody Robinson

Raising Arizona

Inside Sales LLC

Søren Sørensen


Managing Director (MD)

Jesse Johnson

On the cover of vogue

Senior Account Manager

Jamie Bridgeman

don juan demarco

GDPR, ISO & TechOps Manager

Bridget Kolb

Mrs ever ready

Assistant Accountant UK

Norrin Rogers

We got the funk

Warehouse Specialist LLC

David Baker

Crazy loony tunes

Purchasing Director LLC

Helene Orr

Probably snowboarding

Senior Account Manager

Natalie Evans

Butterfly Effect

HR Business Partner

Stefan Markov

Everything changes but you

Assistant Financial Controller LLC

Ben Walker

young at heart

Assistant Accountant UK

Shaun Barber

Will sell you if he could

Senior Account Manager

marcus sookoo

Buys trainers mainly

Junior Purchasing Manager

Permjeet Gale

She'll be back soon

Financial Controller

Nicola meades

Twisted Fire Starter

Assistant Financial Controller UK

Jeancarlos Calo

Ground control to Major Tom

Account Manager

Nick Wright

Devil child (ish)

Senior Account Manager

Damien Haarhoff

coffee first then talk

Global Operations Manager

Darian Nel

Treasure in that beard

Warehouse Operative UK

No one is more insane than one who is sane all the time

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