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Tomax Technology has been admitted to an exclusive organization known as the Association of Service, Computer and Telecom Dealers (AscdiNatd.) Admission to the organization requires Tomax to train in and agree to abide by the ASCDI Code of Ethics.  The Code is your assurance that our company stands behind our commitments, the authenticity of our products and the confidentiality of our customers.  Here is the Code:

The Code

Members of the AscdiNatd and the eTN agree to the following:

To maintain and enforce high standards of ethical professional conduct making Membership in the AscdiNatd a recognized mark of experience, integrity and competence.

To regard as confidential all information concerning the business and affairs of the customer.

To conduct business in a manner which brings credit to and enhances the reputation of the service and computer dealer industry.

To publicize products and services in a professional manner, avoiding all conduct, practices and promotions likely to discredit the industry.

To broaden public understanding and enhance confidence in the computer dealer industry so that users will be encouraged to use Member products and services as their primary resource.

In keeping with these principles, Members of the AscdiNatd and Subscribers to the eTN make the following pledge:

To follow through and complete any agreement made verbally or otherwise to any AscdiNatd Member or non-member, prospect or customer.

To conclude a transaction in a competent and professional manner once the parties have agreed to complete a specific transaction.

To honor an offer that has been accepted as expeditiously as possible.

To fully disclose all limitations on the authority of an employee or agent representing a Member or Subscriber to a transaction.

To use only one name, identity or affiliation in all negotiations or in a competitive bidding environments.  Those companies doing business in a variety of capacities under one legal entity are viewed as one.  For example, individual companies engaged in secondary market brokerage, manufacturer authorized resale of products or services, independent software vendor sales or service and/or the provision of direct or indirect third-party maintenance and support are considered as one for the purposes of the Code of Ethics and may not appear as multiple or separate organizations in the course of one transaction for any purpose including bidding or conflict resolution.

To refrain from disparaging others by statement or innuendo.

To respond to any complaint alleging violation of the Code and participate in all proceedings prescribed by the AscdiNatd Board of Directors.

Conclusion – The Ethics Committee reviews infractions of the Code with regard to ethical behavior and the integrity of its Members and eTN Subscribers. Members found in violation of the Code will be subject to disciplinary action, including suspension and/or expulsion from the AscdiNatd and/or eTN.

Tomax are proud to be part og United Networking Equipment Dealers Association (UNEDA)

An organisation of member companies who maintain and enforce high standards of ethical professional practices, which make membership in the Association a recognized mark of experience, stability, reliability, integrity and competence.

UNEDA’s purpose is to ensure end-users that the market for pre-owned networking equipment remains a cost-effective and viable alternative to purchasing new networking equipment from manufacturers or their authorized distributors. To accomplish this, UNEDA’s coalition represents an alternate channel for procurement that focuses on four major goals:

  • promote industry best practices;
  • create a safe environment for cooperative sales and marketing efforts;
  • ensure the highest standards of product quality;
  • eradicate the presence of counterfeit, fraudulent and stolen gear in the secondary market.

Just some of the benefits of having an ISO 9001:20015 standard

  • Provides a framework for good processes and procedures
  • Helps to improve quality of service
  • Helps to increase on time delivery
  • Promotes ‘Right-First-Time’ attitude
  • Helps to improve customer and supplier relations
  • Helps identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and risks.
  • Helps to drive continual improvement
  • Assists with complaint management
  • Demonstrates that you provide consistent, reliable and fit for purpose solutions
  • Helps to increase opportunities won through tenders
  • Helps to improve the monitoring and measurement of performance
  • Third party verification provides assurance of services
  • Helps to identify and manage non-conformities, reducing likelihood of returns because issues are identified and resolved quicker, often without the customer knowing.

Just some of the benefits of having an ISO 14001:20015 standard

  • Demonstrates commitment to managing environmental risks and thereby helping to protect the environment
  • Raise employee environmental awareness
  • Reduce the company’s environmental impact & carbon footprint
  • Segregation of waste and financial return on selected waste
  • Energy savings & Cost savings
  • Ensures safe use, handling and transporting of goods, materials and substances
  • Demonstrates that you provide consistent, reliable and fit for purpose solutions
  • Gives customers peace of mind that they are working with a company that has a good environmental ethos
  • Independent annual audit demonstrates commitment to environmental performance
  • Proves you are maintain a forward thinking, environmentally aware organisation that fulfils its corporate social responsibility

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