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T.R.U.S.T awards

Tomax Technology is a player within the IT Hardware industry – operating in a highly competitive market. We offer the best product from the largest manufacturer in the world of networking equipment.

Within our niche segment, Tomax Technology is the global leader. This comes down to one single element; our employees. As a leader, I acknowledge the fact, that our team of people is our most crucial asset and I have the best available talent available on each and every table in the company. We do everything we can to protect and develop that talent enabling the company to move forward at a higher pace than any other company within our segment.


"This comes down to one single element, our employees"

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Each and every day, our employees seek to push the boundaries for what’s achievable individually. As a company, we have acknowledged a long time ago, that the sum of 2+2 is much more than 4 if this approach is embedded collectively across the company. We owe our results and leadership in our segment to our culture – created by a fixed set of values we live by every day.

This week, we held one of our “all-hands” sessions – gathering all employees from the UK and the US meeting in our HQ in London. Collectively, we take the pulse of the market, our company and discuss how we can stand out even more, how we can do more and how we can be even better. It also gives me the pleasure of acknowledging extraordinary achievements among all the great achievements in handing out our T.R.U.S.T awards.

It was my pleasure, to present an award to:

Damien Haarhoff for Transparency

Nick Wright for Resilient

JeanCarlos Calo for Resilient

Markus Sookoo for Unified

James Bridgeman for Transformation.


Check them –  and all of us on our Meet the Team page

Until next time,

Soren (Managing Director)